Personal jewelry

Through our e-shop, it is possible not only to buy jewelry from the current offer, but also the possibility of engraving. This is how you will add a touch of individuality and uniqueness to your chosen product.

(hereinafter referred to as “personalized jewelery”)

The general business conditions do not apply to the production and sale of personalized jewelry in the part of the possibility of returning such bindingly ordered and manufactured goods without giving a reason, with the exception of complaints in accordance with the complaint procedure in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.
Personalized jewelry is a thing made to order in accordance with the customer’s order and accepted by the seller, under agreed conditions.

Order personalized jewelry

If you are interested in personalized jewelry, please write your engraving request in the contact form below before placing your order. After mutual agreement on engraving, you will place an order according to an individually determined procedure.

The customer of our e-shop has the opportunity to request the modification of the jewelry by engraving according to the template sent to the seller via the contact form, in the required size and resolution.

Based on the assessment of the model, the seller will express whether a modification according to the sent model is possible and will submit to the buyer a calculation for the modification according to the model and the time of delivery.

The price of the jewelry modification is individual and depends on the complexity of the selected pattern.


The order of personification of the given piece of jewelry (engraving modification) according to the selected template by the customer is considered binding by the confirmation of the order under the conditions specified in the calculation from the seller.

Based on a binding order, the seller will issue the buyer an advance invoice for jewelry and jewelry modification – engraving work, which the customer undertakes to pay.

The purchase price for personalized jewelry is considered to be paid by full payment of the advance invoice and thus the price for the jewelry and the price for its modification – engraving.