Size Chart

Priemer prsteňaVeľkosť
13,30 mm42
13,70 mm43
14,00 mm44
14,30 mm45
14,70 mm46
15,00 mm47
15,30 mm48
15,60 mm49
16,00 mm50
16,30 mm51
Priemer prsteňaVeľkosť
16,60 mm52
16,90 mm43
17,20 mm54
17,20 mm54
17,50 mm55
17,80 mm56
18,20 mm57
18,50 mm58
18,80 mm59

3 steps to choose the right ring size

1, measure the inner, not the outer part of the measured ring that sits on your finger.

2, Round up – to a larger size. (There are wider and thicker rings in our offer, so if you measured the diameter of a thin ring and rounded it down, it may happen that the size you selected would not fit)

3. If you are not sure about your size despite the measurement, or you did not find your size in the table, contact us.

We will help you with advice.