hand made  

Lucia and Simona. We are women, friends, we are active, working, brave. Sometimes properly picky, and demanding. Just as we women can be. We are gentle, but strong at the same time. And so are our expectations, dreams and our hands.

We have fine female fingers of small sizes and we were looking for massive modern rings. With a minimalist design of quality metals, at an affordable price and ideally made in Slovakia.

No need, but with love. Long-lasting, but modern. Expressing us. Special. OUR!

On the Slovak market, however, we lacked such jewelry in small sizes. And so, perhaps thanks to our greed and impatience, when and if we find anything exactly according to our ideas, we decided to produce them.

Not only for yourself, but also for you.

Long-lasting, but modern. Expressing us. Special. Ours! We lacked such jewelry on the Slovak market, so maybe thanks to our impatience, impatience, when and whether we will find something exactly according to our ideas, we decided to produce them. Not only for yourself, but also for you.

What does RINGS mean?

The meaning of the word in the English translation is basically very simple… “circles, rings, rings”. Yes, the idea to establish rings originated mainly due to our need to bring modern rings to market, also available in small sizes. The first collection is therefore dedicated exclusively to the ring.

The circle is also a symbol of infinity, a symbol of connection and strength. Endless possibilities and creating us for you. We start with rings, but we certainly don’t end.

The RINGS brand expresses for us:

R – made of quality metals

I – other than before on the Slovak market

N – easy to price

G – global and designed according to world trends

S – Slovak / made in Slovakia /

Why should you choose the RINGS brand?

RINGS brings you the latest fashion trends in the world of jewelry, designed and handmade in Slovakia.

RINGS are exceptional women’s rings that are also produced in small sizes.

RINGS are packaged in an original way, as every piece of jewelry deserves, but also ecologically.

The first RINGS collection is dedicated to a ring for a strong and courageous woman. A woman who will proudly wear the ring of ages perceived as the ring of rulers, kings, men. With women’s RINGS sealing rings, YOU are the queen.

Our plans are bold and therefore we thank you in advance for your order, support and trust.

We believe that RINGS jewelry will bring you pleasure, highlight your delicacy, strength and beauty.